CIMS - Run For Cancer Marathon
4th Feb 2018
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Anita Waghmare

My running story:
In my school days I was more inclined towards academics than sports. I hardly participated in sporting events in school/college. I realised the importance of sports and fitness after I started my professional life. I started working out at gyms and walking regularly. I was inspired by people around me initially. My first 5 kms run was in Nov 2013. After running my first 10 kms in Nov 2014, I got addicted to running. Since then I have participated in fifteen 10-15 kms local running events and eight Half Marathons including the prestigious SCMM (now TMM), Satara Hill Half Marathon and Goa River Marathon. After quitting my career, running has filled the gap and has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment in day to day life. In the process I have inspired my family and few friends too to start running.

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