CIMS - Run For Cancer Marathon
4th Feb 2018
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Jyoti Nair

From not being able to run 200 metres at a stretch a few years back to running my first Half Marathon a couple of months back, it has been a wonderful journey.
It all started with accompanying a friend for a running event .The enthusiasm and positive atmosphere there motivated me to take up running.There's been no looking back after that and it gets better with each passing day. Running has taught me that you can live your dreams.That with dedication and consistency nothing is impossible.Whether running with my buddies or running solo.... it is my time with and for myself.It is my stress buster and the side effects are a fit body and mind :-) I started running when I entered my forties with no background in sports.If I can do it anyone can do it.All it needs is consistency and showing up every morning for your workout.The rest will fall in place.It's the best gift you can give yourself and the return gifts you get are much better

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