CIMS - Run For Cancer Marathon
4th Feb 2018
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Kalyani Tokekar

My Running Profile :
1) how did u begin running journey : after seeing my batchmate participating in marathon, my curiosity increased n I signed up for my first 3k run taking a baby step into running world. And my running journey began for fitness and happiness.
2) Which year did u start running?: I started running in year 2015
3) Tell us about your running highlights: 4 podium finishes (1 -5k race, 2- 10k races, 1- 21k race), participated in races across various cities with variety of terrain and weather. Event brand ambassador for Pune 10k challenge. Completed 20 timed events. Year 2017's highlight iscompleted half marathon at Ladakh Marathon - the highest marathon in the world. And Satara hill half marathon back to back. I keep participating in events that have something challenging.
4) what running taught you? Or why do you run?: Running taught me being patient with self. I became more disciplined n focused on health and overall strength training. Running helped me rediscover new meaning of happiness in life. I run for my happiness n me time.
5) what do u do when u r not running? : I do strength training in gym or cycling or trekking. Your profession: I work in management and operations field. Currently work as freelance consultant in process operations consultant.
6)Share a little but about your personal life: I am blessed with a loving n supportive family. My husband is a senior corporate management professional who is a long distance runner too and have a teenage son who also participates in running event. I am settled in Pune since 13 years. Both my siblings n their families have started running so major running events r our family outings too.
7) Running quote to motivate: "Long distance running gives serenity and Me time." "Never out run the joy of running. " "Persistence and consistency takes you to places in long distance running."

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